Cosy Recordings

Cosy Recordings


ConcertsPosted by Karin Thu, February 25, 2010 09:53:30

I'm at work and lousy at paint, therefor the white edges. Thought it was ok since the flyer is soooo nice.

Oh, and thank you all for fighting the snow and celebrating the snowbirds last tuesday. We, couldn't be happier with that evening!

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Posted by Karin Wed, March 10, 2010 20:55:27

Hi Bart,

I made a playlist for you in a new blogpost :) And thank you so much for your comment, you totally made my day!

And yes, I totally loved both the Garlands and the Sunny Street! Oh, and the Just Joans!! Fantastic!

Take care,


Posted by Bart Sun, March 07, 2010 14:30:13

Hi Karin,

Your dj set was absolutely fantastic. I heard some all time favourites but also some great songs that didn't ring a bell but that I'd love to know about. Would love to know you playlist !

The Garlands were utterly wonderful weren't they (as were my lovely french friends the Sunny Street) ? "open arms" has been popping round in my head all week since the popfest ! I had such a great time ...

la la la love