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Cats on fire - The Hague

ReleasesPosted by Cosy Recordings Mon, December 28, 2009 15:49:53
Hello, and welcome to our new website! We are very pleased to present the brilliant new single by Cats on fire. It is called "The Hague" and its b-side is a demo version of "The Borders of This Land". You will download COSY025 by clicking the sleeve.

The Hague should be seen as a bookend more than anything else.

Cats on fire anno 2009, not your favourite vintage wine. Slightly bitter in taste, now bottled and encased.

The Hague is middle-class guilt.

The Hague is pointless complaining, to make other people's pointless complaining appear less so.

Cats on fire wishes you good luck with that new decade of yours.